BFG_blockhouse model pack PRICE 2 $

BFG_blockhouse model pack PRICE 2 $


This is a blockhouse pack . You can use it in your war game.
Vietnam war, pacific war in ww2 ,and others.
You can walk into it,and shoot to outside.or just throw a grenade into it, and see what will happen.

4 blockhouse model
3 sandbags model
1 wooden wall
1 wooden barrier
1 wooden fense

total: 12 entities. Yes, 12. because there are two additional models.Find them in the pack.

underground bunker model( blockhouse04):

put floor segments,leave a hole in the centre,then put the entity there, fill out the hole.So you will get a bunker with half underground. You can shoot out inside it.Have fun.

More screenshots:

Price: 2 $

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